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Waterway Materials, LLC (WMC) is located in Waterway Industrial Park, off Bainbridge Boulevard in Chesapeake, VA. WMC began operations in August, 2000 determined to be the top quality producer of recycled concrete and asphalt products in South Hampton Roads. Since then, we have processed and sold over 2,300,000 tons of recycled concrete and asphalt materials. Materials that would otherwise be disposed of in a landfill. WMC offers a no cost drop off for clean concrete and asphalt debris. We accept reinforced concrete, oversized concrete structures and other types of concrete debris. We will accept separated brick and masonry debris for a nominal charge. We also accept debris by barge and can provide both offload and disposal service. In February, 2008 we began offering a green waste recycling service for clearing and landscape debris. Our green waste recycling offers another competitive disposal option to our customers. WMC is proud to be associated with Waterway Recycling, LLC and together we can handle all of your Construction Demolition and Land Clearing debris disposal needs.